Below are just a few of the fairground rides available for hire through WHYATTS AMUSEMENTS – if you wish to hire funfair rides that you cannot find below please contact us as it is highly likely we can source it for you for no extra cost,


The WALTZER is the ultimate fairground attraction, this ride can be transformed from a smooth moveing family ride by day, to a fast and furious spinning nightclub by night. This atraction proves a very popular choice at carnivals, festivals, raves and most events, whatever the age group this ride is sure to provide guaranteed satifaction.

RIDE FOOTPRINT;             14 X 15m

RIDE CAPACITY;                36 passengers per ride

(small children must be accompanied by an adult)


Everyone knows and loves the DODGEMS. Commonly known as Bumper Cars the dodgems have been entertaining children and adults alike since the 1920′s and have only got better over the years. The latest, modern style DODGEM tracks are much smoother than the more traditional versions of the earlier years.

RIDE FOOTPRINT;        ranges from 13 X 15m up to 17 X 29m

RIDE CAPACITY;           2 passengers per car, 12 to 22 cars

(all ages can ride, small children must be accompanied by an adult)



Our signature WAVESWINGER is a breathtaking attraction that evokes a truly nostalgic feel and provides a stunning focal point on any traditional fairground. It is a family ride which never seems to diminish in popularity and as such is a sure crowd pleaser! The Wave Swinger is based on the traditional Chair-o-Plane ride, but with a tilting top for added dynamics and featuring all modern operating and safety systems.

RIDE FOOTPRINT;          18 X 18m

RIDE CAPACITY;             36 passengers per ride

(minimum height of 1m)



The Booster funfair ride has become an extremely common ride on European funfairs, particular in the UK. This is due to a combination of the ride's spectacular visual impact, and its highly practical operation.The ride hight exeeds 40mts which rotates at speeds up to 13 revolutions per minute, producing an acceleration of 3.5g on the riders.

RIDE FOOTPRINT;       15 X 7 (air space 42 X 42 X 5)

RIDE CAPACITY;          8 pasengers per ride

(minimum height 1.4m)


The SIZZLER also known as the TWISTER has been a family favourite for years and suitable for any sized event.


RIDE CAPACITY; 36 passengers per ride

(minimum height of 1m)

 memers of the showmans guild of great britain
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